profi-air heat recovery ventilation – stable value guaranteed

Hauswirtschaftsraum mit Lüftungsgerät profi-air 250/360 flex

With its innovative profi-air ventilation system, FRÄNKISCHE has brought variety and flexibility onto the heat recovery ventilation (HRV) market: Traditional manufacturers do not only offer classic round pipes, but also flat tunnel pipe variants for installation.

Both existing buildings and individually constructed new ones can thus be furnished with high-performance, clean, healthy and highly efficient HRV systems. As an expert in the field of installation technology „behind the wall“, the BUILDING TECHNOLOGY division by FRÄNKISCHE has long since become widely known among specialist dealers and installers.

But what if, all of a sudden, it is all about „design in front of the wall“ – as with a ventilation outlet in the living room? With sieger design, FRÄNKISCHE has brought the right partner on board: HRV technology meets premium design – quality meets quality. starline ventilation grills set the right highlight with regard to heat recovery ventilation.

profi-air classic /
profi-air tunnel

  • Smooth, antibacterial and antistatic inner surface
  • Innovative connection options – no sealing with adhesive tape
  • Lightweight and tightly bendable – fewer fittings required
  • Flow-optimised pipes and fittings (less noise, lower energy requirement)
  • Large flow rates possible

ventilation units

  • Ideally suited for flats, apartments, single- and two-family homes
  • Individual installation options on the floor, wall, ceiling and in cabinets
  • Efficient heat recovery of up to 96 %
  • Energy efficiency grade A or A+
  • Different control concepts, e.g. via tablet, app or touchscreen

mounting frame

  • Tool-free installation of the mounting frame
  • Innovative magnetic fixing of the design grill on the mounting frame: place – align – done
  • Compatible with all design grills
  • To clean the ventilation system only the grill, not the mounting frame, must be removed

design grills

  • Superior materials
  • Modern design
  • Simple magnet installation
  • Change of design possible at any time
  • Suitable for any interior design and style